What Am I Going To Do Now?

My world is over!! No really! Seriously. Ok not really. Just being overly dramatic right now. I was googling my telenovela because I was looking for a picture of the main actress who’s new haircut I’m in love with. It’s long layers and I just want her hair. I’m sure it’s a weave but I’m trying to let my hair grow out so I can get that look. It’s so grown up and sexy. Anyway I stumble on a picture of her (Millie) and Alejandro (the main actor) kissing and she’s wearing a wedding dress. Well they just finished filming yesterday and now it’s obvious they get married. Which was what my hubby pointed out anyway. I’m just wondering how they are going to get there because right now Alejandro married that girl that came in the picture and three years passed by (on Friday) they were living in Europe but they just returned and she’s come back pregnant. And during that time Millie finds out her and Alejandro do not have the same father so she was ready to tell him but when she saw his wife was pregnant she didn’t want to destroy his family. So now she’s marrying his cousin Hugo who she was going to marry in the first place. Well…as I sit here crying…. here’s the picture I found. (Maybe I’m getting all this drama from the soaps!)

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