Multimasking is Perfect for Busy Moms


Multimasking is an amazing beauty life hack. Especially for those of us who are short on time or may need more than one product to take care of our skin. As a mom of two, I have no time (full disclosure, I pee with the door open so I can still keep an eye on my little monkeys) so multimasking has been a life saver.

Ok so what is multimasking? Multimasking is applying more than one mask to your face (or hair) at the same time. I have done both and it’s a life saver.


I have combo skin so right now it’s sensitive, acne prone, oily and also aging. Getting old sucks. The last time I multimasked, I used Boscia’s Luminizing Black Mask…because strobing can only get you so far..and GlamGlow’s Eye Treatment to treat my dark circles. So it was a radiant type of multimasking.

A deep cleaning one could be a clay mask on your cheeks and a brightening mask on your T-Zone. Really you could do any mix and match combo that would work with your skin concerns. There’s a mask to help with any type of skin concern you may have, from redness, pores, dry patches…you name it! The possibilities are endless!

I’ve also done this for my hair. I battle constantly with dry scalp but my hair can get greasy at the same time. I use Lush’s Roots for my scalp down to my ears and hot oil treatment from my ears down to my ends. It is the perfect mix to help with my hair concerns as well!

Have you tried multimasking? It’s such a time saver!

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