What’s Your Decorating Style?

I have no idea what mine is. I know there’s a show on HGTV ( I love watching those home design and stage shows!) and it’s called “What’s Your Design Style” or something like that. Has anyone seen this? Where the designer comes in and listens to what the homeowner or homeowners would like for a specific room, tells them what their style is and gives them pointers to look for when they go out shopping. I’m sure mine is a mix of things. I don’t like things “matchy matchy” but I like my rooms to look put together.I have an older house (1920’s) but the layout is incredible. It’s open without being too open. And I have original gumwood trim that is too die for. It’s only 1200 sq ft but perfect for the three of us and has great storage space

Ok enough gushing about my house! We bought it last year and I’ve been busy trying to get it done. The prior owner owned it for 30 years and it looked like it hasn’t been renovated since the 70’s. I do love the older fixtures so the one in the kitchen and in the upstairs hall is there. But I would love a really cool chandelier in the dining room but nothing too formal. Right now I have sort of a beach colors theme since we’re within walking distance of the beach. I know I just said my house isn’t matchy matchy but you’re thinking…theme? I basically painted my living room wall a wet sand color, the dining room is a great light blue (not pastel or anything) that really pops with the trim and my kitchen is a butter yellow and sunny yellow. To me that’s sand, water and sun.

I have touches of the blue in my living room and touches of my sand color in the dining room to pull it together. But I’m definitely not contemporary ( I think it’s too cold) or country (looks like my grandma) and those are really the only two style names I know. I guess my home looks “home-y” with some style to it. How would you classify yours?

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