When To Get Rid of Your Hairdresser

Do you know when it’s time to get a new hairdresser? Here are my no-no’s:

You make an appointment and she doesn’t get to you until an hour or so later. And this happens EVERY time.

You get your hair done by her apprentice instead of her.

She talks you out of something you want done because it’s going to take too much time.

Your last haircut/style/color was not what you wanted…and you brought pictures. (it’s different if the haircut/style/color you picked is not going to suit your face and she tells you she can’t do it in good conscience.)

She’s on the phone while she’s doing your hair.

She cuts you off when you tell her what you want and tells you what she thinks you want. I had this happen before. I’m really picky with my hair. And even though it’s naturally very curly I can get it pretty straight with a blowdryer (and no frizz). I walked into a salon once for the first time and it was straight. I tell her it’s very curly and she dismisses me. As soon as she washes it I think she freaks because she doesn’t know how to do my cut and dry with all those curls. So she cuts it (lopsided) and sends me off to someone else to dry it (if you want to call it that..it was full of frizz). Needless to say that was the first and last time she saw me!

What do you think is a no-no? Have any hair horror stories to share?

7 thoughts on “When To Get Rid of Your Hairdresser

  1. OMG that sounds like me! All of those situations has happened to me. What is going on with these hairdressers? That is why I don’t have ONE hairdresser. I never go back to the same one twice. I never like the cut, they way they let other people cut your hair or one person cuts while the other one blows it out. Listen, I only have enough $$$ for the cut and the tip to ONE person, not three different people, ykwim? Oh my, you hit it right on the target. I have to figure out where to go for my next hair cut b/c it’s time. I’m glad I’m the not the only one that feels this way 🙂

  2. I finally found a hairdresser after that lopsided incident. I’ve been going to her for like four years. She’s great! You need to find someone who you like their hair then ask where they get it done. Try a Dominican hair salon too. My hairdresser is Cubana. I would try a new hairdresser for a wash and style if you like that then try a cut. I know some people who go to one hairdresser for a color another one for a cut and another one for a wash and style!

  3. I usually go to spanish hairdressers. Most of them are dominican. Where I live, it’s mostly blanca and they get scared when they see my hair plus they do an awful job. I’m never 100% happy. The last time I got my hair done, I was in the Bx and I was pretty happy. I may go there again. It was a mixture of Puerto Rican, Dominican and Cuban… I love going to spanish salons b/c I hear them speak spanish and it remind me of when my abuela used to take me to hers; that is all they spoke, of course.. Brings back good memories..

  4. I had a friend who used to dye my hair for me and she did it better than any hairdresser! But she moved out of state. I would tell your hairdresser to cut your bangs dry so you have a better idea of the length. No one wears their bangs wet so it doesn’t make sense to cut them that way especially if they are going to jump up.

    Thank you for the welcome and for the comment!

  5. lol! you said they get scared! How far away are you from the Bx? It’s probably worth the drive especially for a nice hair cut.

  6. I’m only an hour away which isn’t that bad. I do plan on going to the BX to get my hair done the next time.

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