White House #TopBlogueras Retreat Recap

DSCF3500 I honestly felt humbled and honored to be a part of this select group Latina bloggers aka blogueras for this Top Bloguera Retreat. Again, I don’t get to go to many events or any events at all really, so when the opportunity arose to go to this event I just couldn’t wait to go and connect with these women that I’ve met and collaborated with online as well as share and learn more about blogging. And we got to go to the White House! Bonus!

Having been a small group, there were more chances for people to grab the mike and share their tips and experiences. I was so impressed with the amount that these ladies were willing to share. Many bloggers don’t like to share their secrets to success or what may not have worked for them.

We also had the opportunity to talk to some great people at the White House. There was Cecilia Munoz, Assistant to the President and Director of Domestic Policy; Liz Fowler Special Assistant to the President, National Economic Council; Alejandra Ceja, Chief of Staff, Office of the Under Secretary, Department of Education; Lisa Pino, Deputy Administrator, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Department of Agriculture; Marissa Duswalt, Deputy Administrator, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Department of Agriculture and many more. These two hours were jam packed with helpful information that as a mom I was definitely interested in hearing. I was also so impressed by my fellow colleagues who were all so eloquent when they went up to ask questions of the panel. I’m not much of a question asker but I felt like I was well represented. And chicas, notice that they were most, if not all Latina women. We have to raise our daughters with the mindset that “Si se puede!” With some hard work they can achieve all their goals!

These past two days were jam packed with an agenda that helped us share and learn from each other as well as get mentored by top executive women at companies like Comcast, Porto Novelli and McDonald’s. I was able to sit and meet with Sylvia Martinez, an executive at McDonald’s who was so helpful in my plights. Trust me, I have plights but I’m not going to discuss them here. The fact that in such a short time we were able to come up with a plan of action as well as some follow up items really has me encouraged as to where my career can go. I love blogging like the next blogger I obviously wouldn’t be doing it for so long if I didn’t, but I consider this at least a hobby and at most a part time job. I still would like to further my career. Being at this Top Blogueras Retreat has given me the opportunity to do that. And for that I am eternally grateful to Ana RC and LatiSM. Check out the Facebook page for all the pictures I took during the trip!

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  1. Hi Jai. Thanks for sharing such a memorable experience. I’m glad to see that latina women are doing a great job on their own perspective field. Applause for them.
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