Will you be Stay-Cationing this Summer?

Stay-cations instead of vacations seem to be the new thing. With gas prices being what they are and budgets stretched to the limit, families are opting to stay home and enjoying what their local towns have to offer. For example, to celebrate July 4th our town had a parade. It seemed like the ENTIRE town was there! Everyone had the same idea, drive less than ten miles to the town hall and watch the festivities. Afterwords they had an arts and craft show and kids entertainment. So what kinds of things can you do with the kids for low to no cost?

How about having a water balloon fight? I just bought a pack of 300 water balloons for two bucks at walmart! That would be great to entertain the hubby and toddler for a while. I also went to the dollar store and got sidewalk chalk and bubbles. Great way to spend some time outside doing activities.

How about any local farms? There’s a farm locally that has pets up for adoption but they also have farm animals and a petting zoo. For FREE! You can also visit your local farms for fruit picking and things like that. Local farms also do haunted hayrides and maize maze in October. And you’d be helping out your local farmers!

There are lots of great trails where I live. With water views and beaches. This is a great idea for getting some exercise in and just to get the kids out of the house. I googled “things for families to do in____” and got some GREAT ideas! You can do the same and enjoy the summer without going too far or spending too much!

2 thoughts on “Will you be Stay-Cationing this Summer?

  1. Definitely! There is lots to do outdoors where I live – I can’t justify leaving, especially with travel costs what they are currently.

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