Yellow Tail Sangria Wine

Disclaimer: This product was sent for review. However all opinions are my own.

Yellow Tail Sangria

Yellow Tail is one of my favorite wine labels. This is one of the New York wines and I do love my New York wines. I typically like Riesling and Yellow Tail makes a good one so I of course jumped at the chance to try their new Sangria wine even though I’m not too partial to sangria or red wine in particular. If you’ve ever had a Riesling, that’s exactly how I like my wines, not too dry or too sweet. The Sangria to me is the red version of a Riesling. Maybe a bit sweeter but not too bad. And bonus, you don’t have to dig through all the fruit sangria usually has when you drink it at a restaurant.

This would be a great glass to enjoy after the kids are in bed. I tried it out on a Saturday night while I read my favorite fashion magazines. That is the epitome of a great Saturday night. Kids asleep and time to watch a movie or read a magazine while sipping my favorite wine. The wine went perfectly paired with a book I’m reading to review on the blog in the next week or so…I Heart My Little A-Holes! It’s as funny as it sounds. It would also go well paired with a DIY mani and pedi or any kind of me time you can get! I totally wouldn’t judge if you took it with you to the bathroom and locked your door. Me time is me time am I right? How do you drink your wine?

Have you tried this new Yellow Tail Sangria? How did you like it compared with other reds? I’m not much of a red lover but I did like this one! I guess it’s National Beer Day but I’d take wine over beer any day!

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