Luvs first kid versus second kid commercials

Luvs has some great commercials on right now that are so true about motherhood and how we act with the first kid versus second kid. First time moms are super uptight I think mostly because as a first time mom we just don’t have it together yet and we are learning as we go. But really I feel like that now with two kids that are almost 8 and 2. But I guess we just worry about less things the second time around. Or we choose our priorities. The hand sanitizer one was so me. The first time … [Continue reading]

Take a look at Jennifer Lopez’s Closet!


People magazine filmed a video of Jennifer Lopez giving a tour of her closet. And how she picked things out of her own closet to style her character Claire, in her latest movie The Boy Next Door. Can we just talk about her closet a bit? Her style has evolved immensely since the 90’s and her relationship with Diddy. She seems to be aging backwards and you can argue about her talent whether or not she can sing, but her style is hands down iconic. So of course I wanted to see this video and check … [Continue reading]

Jane the Virgin | Chapter 10 Recap

Jane the Virgin finally came back from their winter hiatus and I couldn’t wait to watch. Of course I had to wait until this morning and watch it on Hulu on the iPad but I take what I can get. Totally worth it though it was a great episode, as usual! This is why this show won so many awards so far … [Continue reading]

What I Wore: Birthday Boots


I went to see Kevin Hart do stand up last night when he was in town—which was hilarious might I add—and I was wondering what to wear. I ended up casual because it’s cold as hell outside… And decided on jeans boots and a cute sweater. Because…cold. My birthday boots ( I call them this because … [Continue reading]

5 Fashionable Coats to Get You Through Winter

It is so cold in my neck of the woods. It’s so cold my car doesn’t even want to turn on with the remote starter. It’s enough to want to stay in your warm jammies in your warm house with your warm fuzzy socks. If you are anything like me, you still have to get up, warm up the car and go to … [Continue reading]

Super Easy DIY phone Case!


Pinterest be lying to me making me feel I have all the time and energy (and skill) to recreate something from my 44 curated boards. Seriously I don’t know why I keep lying to myself but hey I do get inspired once in a while to make something and this time was no different. Keep in mind though that I … [Continue reading]

Golden Globes Red Carpet Recap 2015


Last night was this year’s Golden Globes and the stars were definitely shining! Here are a few of my faves: JLO as always....just slayed. She took no prisoners in this dress. The absolute epitome of glam. I love it, the cape like sleeve that turns into a train, the up to there slit and the … [Continue reading]

I love makeup like the next chick…but guys there’s a limit


We all know how much I love makeup…this is where my blog started from: my love of shoes and lip gloss. Which has now developed into matte lipstick (what…I don’t even know who I am anymore). There’s lots of extreme makeup transformations out there and we would all like to dabble in a bit of … [Continue reading]

How to Get Organized!


Being organized is not something we inherit from Mami y Papi. It’s something you have to really work at to get right. Don’t confuse it with something like dieting where you hate to stay away from that arroz con pollo. Getting it together is completely the opposite. You get so excited with your … [Continue reading]

The Most Popular New Years Resolution and Tips to Keep it going all year!

Fitness, Gym, New Year's Resolution

"Losing Weight" -it's the most popular New Year's resolution, but it's also the hardest one to keep. Once the holiday celebrations are over, the biggest challenge for most of us is to not only get back onto our beauty and fitness routines, but to achieve our New Year's resolutions at the same … [Continue reading]