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Billion Dollar Brows

Been Quiet Around These Parts

Is this thing on? It’s been ages between blog posts…I’m not going to give you…

5 Ways to Tackle Your Messy House!

Nothing gives me more anxiety than a messy house. I love coming home from work…

Best Way to Organize Makeup

Best Way to Organize Makeup

It’s been a busy month, summer always is around here. It’s so short that we…

how to make rosewater

How to Make Rosewater at Home!

Rose bushes are pretty hard to kill, even with my semi blackthumb. I have inherited…

KonMarie Method

KonMari Method While Spring Cleaning

Every year I write a post on spring cleaning. As soon as the snow melts,…

How to Bake Your Makeup

The Bullshit of Baking

Yanira and I were talking about how extra this new wave of makeup artists are,…

pineapple maternity dress

Pineapple Maternity Dress

Pineapple Maternity Dress…I never thought folks would be searching for that keyword! While checking out…

pan that palette

Pan That Palette | Project Pan Update

Pan that palette, girls! There’s something incredibly satisfying for me to see that metal pan…

Razac Beauty Products

Razac Beauty Products | Review & Giveaway

I grew up using Razac Beauty Products. Their finishing cream was one my mom’s favorite…


Childcare & Working Mom Struggles

This past mother’s day, I reflected on the struggles of a working mom. We live…

sunshine blogger award

Sunshine Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Tabitha from Concrete Islandista. She’s a…

home makeover-feature

Home Makeover: Bathroom on a Budget

Purchasing a home that was in need of a home makeover is the easiest way…

contouring Jordana Cosmetics

Quick Contouring Tutorial and Giveaway

Contouring has become a popular makeup technique, but most of us busy moms either don’t…

Skin Tone Borghese

Improve Your Skin Tone with Borghese

Press Sample My skin tone is uneven, mostly due to my adult acne and redness…

Things to do in Cleveland

Things to do in Cleveland

This year we are focusing on experiences that we can do as a family. 2017…

how to apply lashes

How to Apply Lashes | Video

This is probably the question I get asked the most. Everyone loves a great lash…

Milani Giveaway

Milani Cosmetics Giveaway!

Milani has been a blog favorite around here. Aside from the goodies I may receive…


Watch your favorite novelas online

My favorite thing to do is to watch telenovelas online. The only way I used…


Telling Griselda Blanco’s story in La Viuda Negra

Griselda Blanco was not to be messed with. Griselda Blanco was a Colombian drug cartel…


You Need Micellar Water in Your Life

Does Micellar Water Work? Last week I shared my skin care routine, which is amazing…


Why Kids Birthday Parties Suck

My son’s birthday was not too long ago and we decided to throw him a…

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