Balayge Hair & Ombre Hair Roundup


Hair by jaimami featuring red hair care I had a nice ombre look a few years ago right before I got pregnant with the second one. I loved it because bleach tends to kill your hair and with ombre hair, only a section of your hair gets bleached. How much bleach you use is depending on you and the look you are going for. You can go from super subtle with a dark brown to light brown ombre to super dramatic with a very bright blonde at the bottom or even try a bit of the rainbow at the ends. I love … [Continue reading]

The Most Amazing Base Coat for Glitter Polish


Press Sample Sometimes I get products in the mail where I’m like “why didn’t I think of this!!” so genius! NYC Strip Me Off Base coat is perfect for textured or glittered nail polish. I love my matte glitter polish but I absolutely hate removing it. Especially when it chips but doesn’t remove all the way. I go through so many cotton balls just to remove it all! NYC Strip if Off Base coat looks (and smells) like Elmer’s glue, but then dries clear. I may or may not have forgotten if I applied … [Continue reading]

Prep Your Skin with Jergens BB Body Cream


It's April! There's hope that spring and summer will be here before we know it! Warmer weather means showing a bit more skin when it comes to wearing tanks, skirts, shorts and bathing suits. And we've been hiding all our skin under our heavy winter clothing. I don't know about you, but my skin is … [Continue reading]

A Blogger’s Must Have: Organizada


I have been blogging for years, before it became mainstream. When I started out my oldest was about 18 months old. I’ve blogged through two jobs, a pregnancy and getting my Bachelor’s degree. Now with two kids, a full time job, and everything else that comes with being a mom and wife, it’s hard to … [Continue reading]

New Month’s Resolutions: April


Yay it's April! We made it through this awful winter! I can't wait to start seeing the trees and flowers blooming. I'm so ready for it. As far as my resolutions so far here are last month's if you need to catch up. I am teaming up with Globetrotting in Heels for her new month resolution … [Continue reading]

Too Faced Melted Metal Lipstick Swatches


Press Sample I've been dying to try out Too Faced Melted lipsticks since they launched. They've launched a few new shades to their main line for spring and also launched 8 new melted metal lipsticks. I was sent the collection of melted metal for review and absolutely loved all of them. From … [Continue reading]

10 must haves for your spring and summer wardrobe

The days are getting longer, the sun is starting to shine and melt off all this ridiculous snow that’s been everywhere. I am starting to feel like there is hope that the grass will be green and the birds will sing again. My goodness it was a long winter wasn’t it?! I just can’t wait to get into my … [Continue reading]

Hard Candy Newness


Press Sample Hard Candy brings me back to the early 90’s. The Hard Candy I remembered was the nail polish I would grab to collect the rings that came with it. Yes…I started young as a beauty junkie. Tell me do you remember this? Maybe I'm dating myself here lol. Either way Hard Candy has … [Continue reading]

Jane the Virgin teaches us how to dress that bump| Maternity Clothes


Jane the Virgin is easily one of my favorite shows on TV. I have tried to do recaps but I end up watching the show Saturday mornings since I rarely ever get to watch live TV. My favorite part of the weekend is catching up on Jane the Virgin. And then I realized how fun her maternity clothes are! … [Continue reading]

Essence Cosmetics Newness


Press Sample Essence Cosmetics, available at Ulta stores nationwide, is a great low price cosmetics. I love budget friendly cosmetics that are also great on. I had a chance to try on a few things. I wouldn’t have tried a pink lipstick, but Cotton Candy is a great color. Adorable Matte and … [Continue reading]