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Well hello there! Welcome to my little spot on the internet! Together we can obsess over makeup and fashion trends while keeping cash in our pockets! I love a bargain as much as I love a good lipstick.

Are you just getting into makeup? Check out my makeup 101 posts for some easy makeup tutorials like how to choose the perfect foundation, why we need primer in our lives and how to choose that perfect red lipstick. And of course a good makeup brush is a life changer!

I also dabble in a bit of DIY from time to time and am a total telenovela addict! A social media butterfly, I like to work with brands to give honest opinions on their beauty products as well as products for the home. My focus is to help all moms become the most beautiful mami on the block! Did I mention my eBook? Organize your closet and make it even easier to be super fab daily!

Since 2008 I have worked with brands such as Love & Glamour (Jennifer Lopez’s fragrance), Sears/Kmart, Kmart’s Madres y Comadres, Neutrogena, and Covergirl. I have been a Lowe’s Ambassador, a People Stylewatch Stylehunter, a Top Bloguera in 2012 as well as a finalist in the Have You Tried This Yet: the Great Try Out by P&G in the Family category. I have been featured in La Cosmopolatina as a beauty expert and on Nacho Mama’s Blog Podcast in a fashion segment.


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I also write for the ConXion blog, a blog owned by the Democrat & Chronicle, a Rochester, NY area newspaper.

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Mami’s Time Out was named one of the 10 Best Latina Beauty Blogs by Latina Magazine!

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