Best Way to Organize Makeup

It’s been a busy month, summer always is around here. It’s so short that we try our hardest to enjoy every bit of it. Between that, and my new lip biz is booming! Now that I am a Senegence distributor, I haven’t had as much time to write, or even finish a DIY for that matter.

Best Way to Organize Makeup

As you know I am a fan of quick and easy DIYs. This one is no different.

I’ve been looking all over for something that is essentially a cube I can hang on my wall so that I can store my LipSense stock. I’ve tried using different things, but my dresser is looking a bit too cluttered so I wanted something I can hang on the wall and can store quite a bit of stock. For me, this is the best way to organize makeup because it would make it easy for me to take a quick glance or picture of what I have in stock when customers ask or when a fellow senesister needs a trade.

I found a cube at Michael’s for $6.99 and I also had a 40% off coupon. The cube is a great size and can hold quite a bit of LipSense stock. My thought was to finish it with fabric that I already had and worked with the color scheme of my office. I bought this black rose fabric to use as a background for my pictures and flat lays and I wasn’t feeling it. It was too dark to work well in pictures. See? So I’ve had it this whole time and never used it for anything else. I had way more than enough fabric to use for this project.

I was going to use a staple gun, but the staple gun did not let me be great. Thankfully i had my trusty glue gun as a backup. I’ve had this same glue gun for over 10 years. I purchased it to make my favors for my wedding. Best investment ever!

All I did was cut four pieces for the four sides of the square. I glued them to over the edge of the square, waiting for each side to cool off before glueing the next. This might have been the easiest DIY I’ve done in a while. And it solved my storage problem with my LipSense stock!

After I added the fabric to the four sides hubby drilled it into the wall. Stock problem solved!

Are you a makeup junkie? What’s the best way to organize makeup?

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