First Episode Recap of Truinfo Del Amor

TDE The last novela I watched was also with William Levy, Sortilegio. That soap ended around this time last year and wasn’t one of my faves. Just felt like it was too rushed towards the end. But in this novela William Levy is back along with Maite Perroni just like in Cuidado Con El Angel.

I am excited to be able to watch my novelas every night again (a bit sad isn’t it?) and will try to recap on a weekly basis like I have in the past. So from what I can gather, Victoria Ruffo used to be a maid 20 years ago and now she’s a fashion designer. Seems to be doing pretty good for herself and is married to a novela actor. The novela was flashing back and forth 20 years. When she was a servant she had feelings for the young man of the house who went away to the seminary to become a priest. But right before he went away, they ended up sleeping together and voila she’s pregos. Not sure what happened 20 years later because she doesn’t have her daughter…who happens to be Maite Perroni. She has, however, adopted a son who happens to be William Levy.
Now, the main love story seems to be like it’s going to be between Maite and William’s characters so I’m not sure how this is going to play out. However 20 years later, Victoria looks fab, her husband is a hottie, and…uh oh!!! The priest who is also her baby daddy is back! He doesn’t know that he’s not just a Father in Christ, but also somebody’s daddy…Maite’s!

This was only the first episode but looks like it’s got a whole lot of drama! Who’s watching this one with me?

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