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Spring is right around the corner and if you have abandoned your New Years Resolutions of getting back into your favorite jeans, we are in crunch time!

JC Penney fitness

This year I didn’t resolve to get fit, I started to think that maybe this is my new body now that I’m in my mid 30s and my kids keep me so busy in so many ways that I don’t have any time to hit the gym. And of course fitting in to the pretty clothes in the back of my closet seemed a bit vain so I went and bought new clothes.

Yesterday though I had a wake up call.  I am 4 pounds away from the weight I was when I delivered my oldest son. Not only that, I bought a new shirt and new jeggings at Target yesterday and the shirt didn’t fit. The pants were too tight for comfort. And I bought these in my new size, which is two sizes larger than my after baby size. I’m definitely not trying to fit into my wedding dress, but I’d like to be the size I was between my first and second kid.

I can’t lie though I’ve had zero motivation and have been in a huge slump. The gym hasn’t seen me since I renewed my membership. And it hit me between my too tight new clothes, my current weight and that we will have 50 degree temps during the next 15 days….I have to get it together. Not because summer is coming and I want to be cute but because summer is coming and I have boys that like to play outside, run around even while we are on vacation, go to the park, play sports…etc. And I want to be more involved and less sitting on the bench. So that’s my motivation to get back up and moving. Because in 12 short weeks we will be in June and school will be over.

Of course, you can easily motivate me with clothes and with cute workout clothes. JC Penney sent me the cutest work out gear that you can run to the gym in and wear to errands.

JCPenney Fitness Sweatshirt

The sweatshirt is a bit big but I love the tunic shape that can cover your bootie while in the leggings that I’d wear with it. The perfect sweatshirt to wear to your favorite gym class and it’s comfy so if you just wanted to spend a Sunday with Netflix, you can wear it then as well.

The tights are perfect, not too much with the design, not too tight and they fit around every curve. This brand, Xersion, is currently 40% off! If that doesn’t tell you to jump and get a new little something to get you back on track with your fitness regimen. These ombre capris have my name on them (and a credit card pocket in the waist!!)

Who else is trying to lose a little bit of weight? What seems to be working for you? I’d love to get some tips!

JCPenney fitness feature

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