A Rainy Sunday at the Museum of Play

This year, we are trying to focus more on experiences than things (toys) as a family. There’s just so many toys around these parts and it doesn’t matter how much I clean, organize and donate. They just multiply!! We went to the Strong Museum of Play when my oldest son was about 3 years old and that was the only time we’ve been. We decided to visit again now that there are two boys that can play with each other. One rainy Sunday afternoon was the perfect time to take them. Warning….lots of pictures ahead! We just had such a great time at the Strong Museum of Play!

I love that there’s things to do prior to even getting the bands to enter the play area. The lobby has a carousel and diner and looks like a NYC street.

Museum of Play Bill Gray's

A building inside of a building! The kids were in awe. Here’s the carousel.

Museum of Play Carosel

And even a place where kids can donate new toys to the Pirate Toy Fund on their way to having a fun time at the Strong Museum of Play.

Strong Museum Toy Donation

Once you get your tickets and enter the Museum, there are a few aquariums that get the kids attention before running inside. The kids loved checking out the different fish.

Museum of Play Aquarium

After checking out the Aquarium, we went to drop off our coats at the coat check and went exploring. This place is huge! We had so much fun playing and exploring. I love that some of the things at the Museum of Play is also a learning opportunity and the kids didn’t realize it since they were having so much fun! They also display older toys and collectibles throughout the play areas.

Museum of Play Josh

This is one of my favorite pictures of my four year old. Caught him in mid play, he was busy banging on the xylophone! I love that kids can be kids, you could hear all the kids giggling and laughing loudly as they play. We stopped by Sesame Street area and made sure to take a pictures on the famous steps. I need to frame this one and hang it up!

Strong Museum Sesame Street

After that, we visited Wegman’s for more pretend play. They had kid sized grocery carts, food, and a cash register!

Museum of Play Wegman's

My love for Wegman’s is well known, I thought this was so cute! He picked a few fruit and vegetables and then headed to the register to cash out.

Strong Museum Wegmans

Another fuzzy photo. He was busy having such a good time that I didn’t want to keep interrupting him by taking a picture. He was on the go the whole time! His older brother then helped him cash out his items.

Museum of Play Jay

The register looked exactly liked the registers at Wegman’s. Jay had a great time cashing him out. Side note…why is he getting so big? Another side note….I’m sure he’s getting prepared for his first job at Wegman’s in 5 years!

After Wegman’s we played more and learned about physics, how motorcycles were made, played on a pretend stage, played in a mailroom, had a dance party on TV and checked out a bunch of areas based on books like Jack and the Beanstalk, Scooby Doo and lots more. I loved that there were books available all over the Museum of Play that could be checked out with a library book. How cool is that!

Museum of Play-Play Time

The boys took a break by going through the jungle gym before moving on to more exhibits. Hubby even got into the spirit of play and pretended to do the whole Titanic scene on one of the boats.

2017-02-12 12.20.53

We had lots of opportunities to play dress up. My oldest even used a computer to make himself into a super hero!


Strong Museum Dress Up

I think my absolute favorite part was the pinball room. They had so many different kinds of pinball machines and you could play on any of them for 25 cents! $2 went a long way for the four of us to play pinball. Everyone got into it.

Museum of Play Pinball Jay

I was telling my oldest, on how back in the day when I was a kid in Brooklyn, we would go to an arcade store to play arcade games like pinball, Tekken and Pac Man. Brooklyn in the 80’s and 90’s was so much fun!

Strong Museum Pinball Josh

My little one didn’t understand the concept as much, but he loved hitting the buttons and seeing if he can smack one of the balls in the process.

Strong Museum Pinball

We played on one of the biggest pin ball machines I’ve ever seen! The pinball was about as big as a billiard ball! I had to prop my youngest on my legs in order for him to be able to see over the machine.


Museum of Play Hercules

This thing was huge!

We took another break to create some monsters out of the animal parts that were around….

Museum of Play toys

We did all this and it was almost time for lunch so we didn’t get a chance to visit the second floor. This was all on the first floor of the exhibit! We promised my little one that he could ride the train before we left, so that was the last stop.

Museum of Play Train

My little one got his train ride and then we went off to lunch! The kids were talking about their trip to the Museum of Play throughout lunch and they can’t wait to go back! If you’d like to visit you can find the Museum of Play at

One Manhattan Square
Rochester NY 14607


10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Friday & Saturday

10 a.m. to 8 p.m.


noon to 5 p.m.

You can buy tickets online or at the admissions. You can also get a membership for the year, I think two trips pay for itself! I’m considering a membership since the Museum of Play always has different exhibits and is perfect for the winter or rainy days where you would love to get the kids out of the house but it’s too gross to go to the playground! We can’t wait to go back!

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