Telenovela with Eva Longoria is Must Watch TV


Eva Longoria in Telenovela is a must watch

Eva Longoria’s new show on NBC, Telenovela, is absolutely hilarious. This sitcom is everything I ever wanted in a sitcom about a cast of a telenovela. I don’t think I have laughed so much from watching a show. Maybe Jane the Virgin. This is constant giggles though.

I didn’t realize this show already has 6 episodes under its belt. Episodes air on Mondays at 8:30 on NBC and it’s 30 minutes of pure amusement.

Eva Longoria stars at Ana Sofia Calderon, the main actress of a telenovela called Pasion. Behind the scenes, she pretty much runs the show as well. She is hilarious as the diva making announcements, requiring that other cast members don’t eat for 24 hours prior to a shooting on a deserted island. Honestly even the opening credits are hilarious and pokes fun at the dramatics of actual telenovelas. And you guys already know I’m a telenovela fanatic so this is the perfect show for me.


Jencarlos Canela is cast as Xavier aka Xavi who is Ana’s ex-husband and now cast on the telenovela Pasion as well. Total eye candy! Alex Meneses, who plays Isabela is the villain on the Pasion cast, and is also the one we love to hate on Telenovela. I’m just wondering how many cans of hairspray is needed to get that frozen volume. Amaury Nolasco plays Rodrigo, who is also a villain on Pasion with a fake mustache (that looks hilariously super fake).


Apparently Ana doesn’t even speak or understand Spanish that well but plays a title role. There’s a scene where she is meeting with the TV exec who she assumes doesn’t speak Spanish because he wasn’t Latino. His Spanish was so fast, she couldn’t keep up and asked him to speak in English and pretended it was more for his benefit. Not to mention, during that meeting her dress starts falling apart because the seamstress wasn’t done making it for the scene Ana had coming up.

I love the way Ana takes off her hair extensions and chicken cutlets in her bra as soon as someone yells “cut!” How they play Daddy Yankee songs as background tracks and how the writer of the show asks Ana not to tell him any spoilers when he was the one who wrote it! To his defense, he doesn’t remember what he wrote because he was drunk at the time.

The one liners they give each other had me hollering. Of course I had to binge watch this. NBC got it right with this one, I am obsessed!!

If you need to catch up and don’t have a Hulu account, you can catch Eva Longoria Telenevola episodes free on the NBC website.

If they cancel this show, NBC and I are going to have some problems!! Who else is watching Eva Longoria’s Telenovela? Do you like it? Sound off in the comments!

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